Over the past decade we have noticed a rampant increase in the number of people who are wearing their orders, decorations and medals incorrectly. The cadre of people who flagrantly violate the official rules on how you are supposed to wear your medals ranges from the average veteran right up to current and former Governors General. Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest that the higher the rank of the individual the more likely they are to just wear whatever they want, however they want. We like to think of this as “Instant Dictator Syndrome” or self-aggrandizement at its most obvious.

Why do people wear their medals incorrectly? Often it is because they simply do not know any better. If you are one of these people you should consult WEARING ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS which is available from the Chancellery of Honours at Rideau Hall. This guide will help you figure out how you are supposed to wear your officially granted orders, decorations and medals.

When it comes to wearing your medals incorrectly the worst offenders tend to be former Governors General, Lieutenant Governors and retired Generals. When these people – all in authority and all surrounded by staff who know better – wear their medals wrong they are obviously suffering from the dreaded Instant Dictator Syndrome. The attitude accompanied with this most severe condition is “the more medals I wear the more important I will look.”

This simple blog is aimed at revealing the myriad of fellow Canadians who cannot seem to wear their medals correctly.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Health Advisory: Instant Dictator Syndrome

Have you ever wondered what Instant Dictator Syndrome looks like? The symptoms are overt and horrible. 
Not even Emperor Bokassa could out do these North Korean Generals.
Thirty-Six breast stars is a bit much. 
Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic was much more modest,
only eleven breast stars. 
In Canada thankfully there are only a few people who suffer from the most acute form of this ailment. Nevertheless we must remain vigilant against the spread of this problem, the pathology of which begins with the wearing of one medal wrong, then two, and suddenly the afflicted patient is wearing multiple neck orders in a business suit, or worse yet, unrecognized orders, decorations and medals alongside those officially granted and approved national/provincial honours and foreign honours that have been approved by the Government of Canada.

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